Carrie Underwood Biography

Carrie Underwood’s career is a real dream. It is a unique combination of talent, work spirit and normal girl. It became a national phenomenon in the eyes of millions of teenage viewers when winning the American Idol. All fell exhausted before his vocal talent and personality. After that, she successfully climbed the rungs of the entertainment world to become one of the most outstanding artists of her generation.

It is a star with a human face. The media, the fans and their companions affirm that under the princess costumes the heart of a dreamer keeps beating and her way of fitting fame and success has given her a special merit.

And the successes have not been few. With only two albums under her belt, Carrie has forged a career that would be the work of a lifetime for many artists. The depth and variety of his work are reflected in songs like “Jesus, Take The Wheel”, “Before He Cheats”, “So Small”, “All-American Girl”, “Last Name” and “Just A Dream”, among others, which is already part of the musical culture of the new millennium. It has surpassed the mark of 11 million CDs sold and has become the first country artist to place ten singles at No. 1 on its first two albums. ACM Entertainer of the Year has been proclaimed twice, the seventh woman in the history of the program to win that crown and the first in history to win the award more than once. She has been voted Best Female Vocalist of the Year AMC and CMA for three consecutive years, and her list of awards includes five CMA and ten ACM, as well as five Grammy and others such as People’s Choice, Billboard, the American Music Awards, Teen Choice, CMT and many more. She has been chosen twice as co-host of the CMA Awards, and was the country’s female artist who sold the most in 2008. More than 1.2 million people watched her tour, entitled “Carnival Ride Tour”.

Among the most beloved awards of Carrie is her entry into the Grand Ole Opry. Despite all his awards, his travels from New York to Los Angeles, the programs and magazine covers, he remains absolutely faithful to country music. He was invited to meet Randy Travis, one of his idols, taking the song “I Told You So” to No. 1 on the charts in 2009, and Garth Brooks presented his entry.

“The income award they gave me is like they said to me: ‘Now you’re part of the family,'” says Carrie. “It means a lot to me because it’s the soul of country music, the sacred place, the superelitist club that says how much you love this music.”

Her passion for music is evident in Play On, her third album, where she becomes a mature artist who dominates her extraordinary vocal skills, and where she reaches a broader record in both music and lyrics. In addition, she has co-written seven of the 13 songs on the CD which makes her a lyricist endowed with great depth. By unleashing her creativity, she has allowed her fans to enjoy a more intimate aspect of the artist and person that is Carrie.

The singer says: “When I write the lyrics, I get the impression that those who listen to me understand better who I am.” On hearing some things, they will say that there is sincerity, that there are feelings, because I have written them and they come from the deepest from my heart, I think that after Play On, people will know me better. ”

Carrie’s lyrics have already earned her two awards from BMI, the copyright society, for “All-American Girl” and “So Small”, and Play On has served to crystallize that talent. The first single that came out of the Play On album was “Cowboy Casanova”, which Carrie co-wrote with Mike Elizondo and Brett James. The song, which talks about looking at “a blue-eyed snake”, reached the Top 10 in just four weeks.

In fact, most of the album refers to the ups and downs of the year, the good guys and the bad guys in the male world. The songs range from “This Time” and “Mama’s Song,” two samples of the best that love can offer, to “Undo It” and “Songs Like This,” which portrays relationships that go wrong, and “Look At Me “, that counts on the vocal collaboration of Vince Gill and deals with the extraordinary sensation that entails falling in love, to” What Can I Say “, a song of repentance with the participation of Sons of Sylvia. One of the best vocal moments is “Someday When I Stop Loving You”, an incursion into sadness after an unsuccessfully sung failed relationship.

Carrie uses her experiences to authenticate her songs. He says: “I have seen many things in the world of dating and it does not have a unique dimension, in which I am always in love or I hate men all the time. I have seen all the nuances, from my own experience and from that of my friends. I have seen many men, and I think these songs reflect what it means to be a woman. ”

But Play On offers much more. The cut of the title is a call to persistence despite the obstacles, sung with the passion that characterizes Carrie’s work. “Temporary Home”, written by Carrie with Zac Maloy and Luke Laird, is one of the best hymns to hope moved to a CD, as Carrie tells the story of a boy in a foster home, a young mother in crisis and of a man facing his own mortality.

Considering Carrie’s renewed influence on humanitarian and charitable causes, “Change” is one of the cornerstones of the album.

“This world is so big that it can break your heart,” he says. “There are so many problems … What can you do? Where do you start? The truth is that every day there are opportunities, and you can make a difference with many of the things that are around you. small, like the person in this song who only had 36 cents, so I’m looking forward to taking advantage of this song. ”

Because of the variety of themes he deals with, through the musical channels he explores, Play On is an album that will leave a mark for his energy, his song to life, and for being a turning point in Carrie’s artistic career.

Carrie acknowledges: “It’s clear that it’s a more mature record if you consider the subject of certain songs, but I’m still young enough to do fun and happy things, and now I’m more confident in my way of doing things. write, in my ability to open up a bit more. ”

As far as we know, the details of Carrie’s early years are in the public domain. He grew up in Checotah, Oklahoma, “playing on dirt roads, climbing trees, and of course singing”, something he did in church, in school musicals, and in new talent contests. He attended Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, where he graduated in television journalism in order to have practical training. But his companions in the Sigma Sigma brotherhood urged him to sing in public. He managed to overcome his shyness to sing in a Branson-style program that included singing, dancing and comedy. Carrie notes: “That’s where I learned what it means to be in front of the audience.” During his senior year, he learned that there were auditions for American Idol, and since then the American public has enjoyed the magic that this artist transmits.

Carrie is very grateful for the education she received as it has helped her keep her feet on the ground when her career and her life took a totally different direction. Visit your family and friends in Checotah whenever you can and have created a foundation called C.A.T.S. – Checotah Animal, Town, and School Foundation to channel their charitable works to their city.

“The time had come to start doing something for others,” he says. He adds: “I have had so much luck in the last five years that it was time to return something.”

And returning something received has become a very important part of your life. He has traveled to Africa with American Idol’s Idol Gives Back and has visited troops in the Middle East. For her, the cornerstone of her legacy is that spirit of generosity. He works so that his art makes sense, so that it lasts, but he also wants that search to encompass a broader context.

“Everyone can do something, contribute something,” he says. He adds: “I would like when people remind me to say: ‘He did something to improve the world.’ We can all do that kind of thing, and I think that opportunities for doing good come to you, you have an obligation to do it.”

That commitment to others, as well as her achievements as an artist, have made Carrie synonymous with all the good things about modern music. With Play On, he has taken another giant step in his life and career.

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